Cricket commentary on the cheap

As I mentioned previously I’ve been coding away with Java creating a cricket commentator. So, I’m proud to announce the release of “richie” the Java IRC bot that will speak the #cricket commentary.
Rather than just a simple dump of the IRC commentary to the FreeTTS output (which is really very easy), I’ve added in some smarter coding so that using the java.util.regex package the bot parses some of the very cricket specific output (like 24-2-33-2) and turns it into something that FreeTTS can speak sensibly (24 overs, 2 maidens, 2 for 33).
Apart from it sounding a bit like Steven Hawking, it’s very understandable, and works really well over a dial-up line.
So, enjoy, and if you’d like some additional features added, then let me know.
Download the ZIP file from
Then create a directory, and unpack the contents into that directory. Modify the richie.cfg to create a new name for your bot and for the owner name.
Then, just run the bot by using java -jar richie.jar. This is best done in a window so that the commentary can actually be seen, but isn’t required.


7 thoughts on “Cricket commentary on the cheap

  1. If only score matters, I have devised a much simpler solution. Get the cricket score XML from run it through a stylesheet to format the score using xsltproc and then pipe the results to xosd(on screen display) to render it on the screen. All of this is a batch script.
    I guess I could make use of FreeTTS to play the score as well. Good thought.

  2. The link for this zip file needs updating. I could only find after sniffing around inside the /jon/richie dir.

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