Listening to the cricket on IRC

Australia is touring India at the moment playing what will be one of the best series of test cricket in ages. The first day was a real bewdy, and I was sufficiently distracted during the day trying to keep up with the play on IRC. It would be so much better if it was on radio.
So, armed with FreeTTS and PircBot and this article, I now have a Java program that will connect to my IRC server, login and then talk the scores in the cricket to me.
Paul Mutton (the author of PircBot and the ONJava article) has done a great job developing the PircBot framework, and it is really easy to work with. Check it out if you want to do something cool with IRC.
At the moment it’s not very robust, and I want to make it behave a little better and parse the #cricket IRC commentary better, but for a 2 hour hackfest and test, it’s looking (or should I say sounding) pretty damn good.
When I’ve got it in a better shape, and have it configurable, I’ll release a copy for people to use if they want it.


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