Wiki in a Browser – TiddlyWiki

I’ve been using JSPWiki for a while, for managing personal projects, keeping notes etc, but it’s always been unsatisfactory. I really hate having to run a servlet container on my laptop, and I’m not always online (shock, horror, but true). I’ve been toying around with different sorts of note taking things, but they’re always been, well, kinda icky.
Via (WebMink) I came across TiddlyWiki which is a wiki like tool, completely written in DHTML and CSS. From my brief playing with it, it looks like it really rocks.
I spent some time looking for a “download” link on the site. Don’t be fooled, you just create your own TiddlyWiki by pressing the “save all” button in the top right hand corner of the screen. As the author says, the “save all” is a bit of a hack, but due to limitations on Javascript accessing the file system, it’s probably better this way.
Enjoy !


4 thoughts on “Wiki in a Browser – TiddlyWiki

  1. Hi Jon,
    Although this is a shameless self-sell, I wrote a little wiki-like app for taking notes that runs on Windows.
    It’s not jam-packed with features, but I found it good enough for jotting down quick notes when you want to organise your thoughts in a wiki-like fashion.

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