Terrorist Attack or Cancer, your choice

As Australia is in election mode at the moment, and with the latest bombing attack in Jakarta, the government (on both sides) are wheeling out how we have to protect our population, and how we have to do something about it.
Here’s my tip to everybody out there, don’t worry. Here’s my tip to policitions, focus on real issues

If we have a look at statistics, the leading causes of death in Australia (from 2001) are as follows:

Cause of Death Number of Deaths % Australian Pop died as a result
Cancer 36,750 0.188
Heart Disease 26,234 0.135
Asthma, emphysema 5,916 0.030
Accidents (Transport) 4,840 (2004) 0.024 (0.010)
Diabetes 3,078 0.016
Influenza/Pneumonia 2,702 0.014
Intentional self harm 2,454 0.013

That’s with a population of 19.5 million (or thereabouts). I really wanted to find out that more people had been kicked to death by ducks than killed by terrorist attacks, but unfortunately the ABS doesn’t have those statistics.

So, if the government really wants to help the Australian population, then they need to focus on things that affect the Australian population, not on things that are scaring the population, like depression and suicide, to start with.

Remember, you’re not going to be killed by a terrorist. You’ve got more chance winning Tattslotto (approx 300 win 1st division per year). It’s tragic for those people killed by these actions, and I am really sorry for them, and their families. However, I’m also very sorry for those families who have lost loved ones due to the causes in the above table, equally as tragic, but sadly not as newsworthy.

So, next time you hear of tragic events, keep these numbers in mind, and think about where we are better spending our tax dollars.


6 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack or Cancer, your choice

  1. These are from Mike Moore’s “Dude, Where’s My Country”, for 2001. Obviously they apply to the US population, not our own.
    Chance of being killed by terrorists, inside the borders of the USA: ~1 in 100000 (~0.001%)
    Influenza: 1 in 4,500 (0.0222222%)
    Suicide: 1 in 9200 (0.0108696%)
    Co-starring in a homicide (as the victim, of course): 1 in 14000 (0.0071429%)
    Car accident (while in a car; excludes chance of being hit by a car while walking, etc): 1 in 6500 (0.0153846%)
    This, of course, was the year of 9/11, which is the year you had the most chance of dying in a terrorist incident. In 2000, 2002, 2003, and so far in 2004, your chances of dying in a terrorist incident, _within the borders of the US_, were 0%.
    There were 20 times more deaths due to influenza than to terror. Had the US spent even 1% of the money allocated to the “War on Terror” to providing free ‘flu vaccinations, they would have saved about 90% of those people, or 18 times as many people have been killed by terrorists. In addition, they would have prevented many people getting ill and saved millions of dollars in economic damage from people taking time off work.

  2. I am doing an assignment on terrorism and the liklyhood Australia would be attacked. However, I am finding it very difficult gathering the information I really desire.
    I just want to percent of how likly Australia could/would be attacked?
    Its easy to find the legislation, however, it is difficult to find the facts behind the legislation.
    All I can pinpoint it down to, is the Prevention is better then the cure.
    However, how do you prevent someone from doing something? Do you shoot to kill?

  3. if the chances of being killed by a terrorist attack in Australian soil is 1 person in 33.33.333333, and chances of an australian dying of cancer is 1 in 6 people, the time and resources invested into media and newspaper propagandas all about ”islamic terror” and ”fundamental ideologies” ”multiculturalism” ”protecting our values and lifestyle” ”terror victims”ended up filling a 10m by 4m square floor of newspaper collection in one and a half week, imagine the resources diverted to something tuly protecting our lifes?? education; envirnoment; health and the list is long. Costello’s Economic Globalisation and Johny’s war on terror will erase the fair go and egalitarianism the true Australian way.

  4. Just pretend influenza has the same statistics as people being killed by terrorists at the moment. But if everybody knew that influenza had the chance of being devastating to many countries of the world, would you spend a lot of money to stop the influenza spreading?
    If you think you are fine and safe in your little protected community thats fine, but just think for a second and imagine the devastation if this money wasn’t being spent.
    Would you feel safe if the chance of dying from a terrorist attack was about the same as dying from the common flu?

  5. I feel perfectly safe. Just because you fear, and the media makes cash from making uneducated and uninformed people scared doesn’t mean that it’s unsafe.
    FUD doesn’t make it so.
    I love the fallacy about spending. Does that mean that the attacks are occurring because we _stopped_ spending ? No, of course not. But, by golly if we stop spending now, they’re going to be worse !

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