Wiki in a Browser – TiddlyWiki

I’ve been using JSPWiki for a while, for managing personal projects, keeping notes etc, but it’s always been unsatisfactory. I really hate having to run a servlet container on my laptop, and I’m not always online (shock, horror, but true). I’ve been toying around with different sorts of note taking things, but they’re always been, well, kinda icky.
Via (WebMink) I came across TiddlyWiki which is a wiki like tool, completely written in DHTML and CSS. From my brief playing with it, it looks like it really rocks.
I spent some time looking for a “download” link on the site. Don’t be fooled, you just create your own TiddlyWiki by pressing the “save all” button in the top right hand corner of the screen. As the author says, the “save all” is a bit of a hack, but due to limitations on Javascript accessing the file system, it’s probably better this way.
Enjoy !


Why watch crap videos ?

I love my parents, I really do. I don’t get to see them enough, but I relish the time we spend together. Many years ago I arrived at their house and sitting on the table was a stack of videos. There was about 10 they had rented from the local video store (they’re retired, they have plenty of time on their hands). There was about 1 “decent” video, the rest were a bunch of things like “Craptastica – Episode 3”, or “The Best of the Worst of the Police Home Videos”.
Now, I couldn’t imagine why anybody would even want to put these videos in a VCR, let along waste precious time watching them. So, I asked Mum, “how can you watch all this crap?”.
Mum looked at me and said, “We occasionally find a good one that starts off crap, but watching crap videos really makes us appreciate the good ones.”
Ever had projects like that ? Maybe you should appreciate the good ones more.

Terrorist Attack or Cancer, your choice

As Australia is in election mode at the moment, and with the latest bombing attack in Jakarta, the government (on both sides) are wheeling out how we have to protect our population, and how we have to do something about it.
Here’s my tip to everybody out there, don’t worry. Here’s my tip to policitions, focus on real issues

If we have a look at statistics, the leading causes of death in Australia (from 2001) are as follows:

Cause of Death Number of Deaths % Australian Pop died as a result
Cancer 36,750 0.188
Heart Disease 26,234 0.135
Asthma, emphysema 5,916 0.030
Accidents (Transport) 4,840 (2004) 0.024 (0.010)
Diabetes 3,078 0.016
Influenza/Pneumonia 2,702 0.014
Intentional self harm 2,454 0.013

That’s with a population of 19.5 million (or thereabouts). I really wanted to find out that more people had been kicked to death by ducks than killed by terrorist attacks, but unfortunately the ABS doesn’t have those statistics.

So, if the government really wants to help the Australian population, then they need to focus on things that affect the Australian population, not on things that are scaring the population, like depression and suicide, to start with.

Remember, you’re not going to be killed by a terrorist. You’ve got more chance winning Tattslotto (approx 300 win 1st division per year). It’s tragic for those people killed by these actions, and I am really sorry for them, and their families. However, I’m also very sorry for those families who have lost loved ones due to the causes in the above table, equally as tragic, but sadly not as newsworthy.

So, next time you hear of tragic events, keep these numbers in mind, and think about where we are better spending our tax dollars.

Bush in 30 seconds

This is just brilliant.
(Note, click on the “high bandwidth link”, clicking on the image displays the low bandwidth movie)
Favourite not on the front page ; “My Country”
Update: September 3rd.
I’m not politically motivated, I really don’t care. I don’t like what the current US president is doing, but that isn’t what motivated this entry. It’s about providing greater exposure to what I thought were great adverts. In the same way I liked ad-critic, and if somebody makes me aware of equal quality anti-Kerry, anti-Howard, anti-Latham, anti-Eaves commercials, I’ll post a link.