r-studio, I thank thee, again

While using cygwin today, I was distracted by a cow-orker, and uttered the arcane rm * in the wrong directory. Damn, a whole bunch of files that I did want to keep were whisked away to the bit recycler.
I had bought r-studio about 6 months ago when I had a hard-disk go west and scribble “Fish” all over the disk. It did a great job then, and it did a great job today.
After making sure I didn’t write anything to that partition for the rest of the day, I got home, and ta-da ran r-studio and recovered everything.
That rocks. I’m a very satisified customer. Well worth the US$50 I paid for it. If you need something to recover deleted or corrupted data, then this is the tool to use.


3 thoughts on “r-studio, I thank thee, again

  1. r-studio has recovered a lot of data from a couple of bad disks for me — definitely worth the price.
    On the other hand, did you know about the trick of creating a file called ‘-i’ to protect files from accidental deletion in *nix?
    Create a file, called ‘-i’, using a full path, and remove permissions:
    touch /home/me/test/\-i
    chmod 000 /home/me/test/\-i
    Now create a bunch of test files, and do an ‘rm -rf *’. The ‘-i’ file should get read as an argument and force ‘rm’ into interactive mode. This should protect the directory and all below it from accidental deletion.
    (From _Unix_Hints_and_Hacks_)

  2. Hi Will,
    Yeah, my home directory is protected by a -i switch, but sadly this wasn’t where it occurred.
    Thanks for posting that tip tho’, there are plenty of people who will benefit from it.

  3. hey, i was wondering how do u register the program? i have r studio with the serial written down but since i reinstalled it, i can’t figure out how to enter my key and the morons at r studio support say i need all the info i gave them last year to help me with anything. please, i really need to know how to enter it, e-mail me i am that desperate lelsewhere@yahoo.com

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