The motorcyclist and the truck

I’m been a motorcyclist for over 10 years. To be completely fair, I’m a bit of a fair-weather-rider, as I don’t feel that riding in the pouring rain really adds anything much to the whole situation, it makes it more slippery and gives me less chance to avoid crazy drivers.
A couple of beers with a close friend have reminded me of a conversation that I had with one of my motorcycling instructors.
When you’re riding a motorcycle, it doesn’t matter if you have the right-of-way if a truck runs the red light. Lying on the road, badly broken and about to die complaining that you had the right of way is somewhat unimportant at that stage. You’ve just been squished.
When you’re riding you need to be constantly aware of dangers, “because it doesn’t matter how right you are, if you’re dead right”

As geeks we have a tendency to think that the world understands about “being right”. After all, being wishy-washy to a computer, or skirting around the point doesn’t tend to get programs to compile any faster. Being right is all about how our brains are wired, much to the frustration of my wife at times as I scurry off to check things on Google to make sure that what she (or I) have said is right.
Maybe it’s geeks, or maybe it’s men (or maybe men-geeks are just really bad) but we’re super-unaware of certain things, such as nuances in language and understanding that not all questions are really asking for an honest, literal answer.
To use a completely hypothetical situation that makes my waffling a little more concrete :
“Does my ass look fat in this?”, “Have I put on weight?” or “Is my cooking really that bad?” are 3 very obvious questions that fall into that category. An immediate “I love you” is the correct response to any of those, a delay in answering and you may as well slash your wrists and bleed to death on the carpet, it’s going to be quicker, easier and less painful.
Sometimes the situation isn’t as obvious so, watch out for trucks running red lights, it happens more often than you would like, and if it’s already raining, maybe you’re better off just staying at home and avoiding the whole situation in the first place.