After the much hyped release of, I was reading some comments and somebody mentioned classfinder. As I’ve been looking for a good Javadoc browser for a while, I thought, well, I’ll give it a go.
It rocks. It uses a very small HTTP server, and all you need to do is unpack it and place links or shortcuts or the actual Javadoc into the deploy directory, and that’s it. It can act like the normal Javadoc viewer (the standard 3 frames) plus it includes a search capability in that mode. The other mode is a 2 frame with a class list matching the search in the bottom frame, and the selected class in the top frame.
At least this way I don’t have to see the adverts, and I can do work when I’m not connected to the internet.
It’s GPL (if that matters) and took about 3 minutes to download, install, configure and start working with it. Very, very nice.


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