Domain Driven Design

I’m two thirds of the way through the book of the same name by Eric Evans. If you’re a software developer and even remotely serious about your craft, run, don’t walk to the nearest bookstore and buy this book. Then lock yourself away for a weekend and do nothing but read it. Then read it again.
It’s good. Really good. Change the way you think about writing software good. Why are you still reading, and not buying. Go away!


One thought on “Domain Driven Design

  1. “Domain Driven Design” is one of those books like Peter Norton used to write… where the high-level stuff is really really good, but the details are often screwed up and ass-backwards.
    I consider “Streamlined Object Modeling” to be a *far* superior book on the subject. It works well all the way from the high-level stuff right down to the tiniest, most nitty-gritty Java (and Smalltalk) details.

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