Eclipse 3.0 M9 – The story so far

Being the early adopter that I am, I’ve installed and upgraded my workspaces to Eclipse M9. It was relatively painless and what’s even better they appear to have the emacs keybindings working properly. Yay!
However, there are 2 things that I’ve noticed that suck, and one thing that’s just a bit ooky.

  1. The “Perspective Switcher” which has moved to the top right corner, running horizontally has the option to move to the left, running vertically (as with last time) via a dropdown. Using the dropdown, the switcher moves to the left, but when you restart Eclipse, it is back to the top right.
  2. My Checkstyle plugin no longer works. This really sucks. I upgraded to the latest version from sourceforge (I’m using eclipse-cs) and that didn’t help. I deleted everything, I deleted my workspace, I deleted any hope of caches surviving and it just doesn’t load. My Simian, Metrics and DBEdit plugins all work just fine. Anybody got a clue on this one ?
  3. The scrolling in the line numbers has a noticeable lag. When you move around the file you are editing, the line numbers don’t update until after a delay. It’s not really a major suck, but it is ooky.

I’d give this release a “Coming second in the 100m at High School Athletics” on the Sid and Nancy Scale.
UPDATED: Thanks to Matt and his comment, I’ve got checkstyle working. Yay!. Any plugins that require Xerces will no longer load, so what I did was to drop the org.apache.xerces.* that came with M7 (I didn’t use M8) into my local plugins directory, and everything worked just fine.
Minor Update: I’ve got it mirrored here: which should be significantly faster for most Australia users.


9 thoughts on “Eclipse 3.0 M9 – The story so far

  1. They took out xerces. So any plugins that depend on it break. I think it might have been a move to make eclipse comptible with 1.5. Whats the logs saying about you plugin?
    One thing that really annoys me about the code folding is that when you select an area thats folded and hit delete, it just unfolds it. You have to select it again and it delete. I really want to delete it dammit!!!

  2. Matt, you’re a legend. I just copied the M7 xerces into my local plugins directory and it all just worked. I just need to recover my previous configuration.
    Robert, yeah, it’s been working (for me) for all the M series, up to this one (I didn’t do much with M8 because of the emacs keybinding disaster).

  3. Jon, how do you find the eclipse-cs plugin? I found both plugins not very great to use. (I signed up as a developer to the checklipse one but I have so far been unable to satisfactorily fix the number one bug that annoys me with it).
    We still use checkstyle with ant as the canonical version for our code style. There is a hack available that will make the output which is sent to the eclipse console clickable.

  4. The eclipse-cs plugin is great. It’s pretty quick, it works as a builder so you can easily enable or disable it as you see fit.
    The only quirk that I’ve noticed is that it does seem to be slower in M9 than M7. I don’t quite know what to make of it, mostly because it’s slow only on some projects and not others, and it doesn’t seem to be anything to do with the size of the project.
    As far as easy to use, it’s awesome, just drop it in, and then create your own configuration (the Sun one doesn’t suit my needs) and it’s perfect. Then you just click on the “use checkstyle with this project” in the project properties.
    For me, it works like a “native” bit of functionality. The other wrinkle is that there is some duplication between the plugin and the native eclipse compiler warnings. I tend to disable the eclipse warnings, because then I can use the checkstyle outside eclipse via ant.

  5. They dropped Xerces because of chaotic behavior if Xerces was allready in the Classpath. Just search for the Bugzilla report on, it´s quite logical.

  6. You can make the perspective change permanent.
    Window -> Preferences
    Workbench -> Appearance
    Set ‘Perspective switcher positions’ to Left.
    Oh, the joy of Eclipse Preferences 🙂

  7. I’m trying to get the eclipse-cs plugin to work with Eclipse RC3. I’ve dropped in the Xerces plugin from M7 with no luck.
    Any suggestions?

  8. I’ve tried with both eclipse-cs which used to work with my M7 installation, and the latest with Eclipse RC3.

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