Beta testing FishEye

I was going to blog this tomorrow, but tomorrow is April 1, and that just doesn’t seem right.
I’ve been involved in beta testing of FishEye which is a CVS repository browser. I’ve just installed it and got it running, and I have to say that this thing rocks.
What I’m going to say needs to be balanced with this being a 0.1 beta. So, it’s really early on in the cycle. The functionality is rock solid, and I didn’t see any issues with it actually working and providing the reporting functionality. It’s really well finished off in that respects, but I’m also early on in looking at the complete functionality, such as the complex searching and query languages. I also need to look at how the RSS functionality works.
The other thing to mention is that the guys (and gals) at Cortex are super-responsive, and about 10 minutes after my first set of feedback rolled in via email, I had responses from their development team.
A word of warning to those looking at the beta, FishEye creates a bunch of directories and log files, it’s worth starting the application in a separate directory to the install dir. It’s not terribly tragic, but it did surprise me.
The one main feature that I’m waiting for is the remote CVS integration. That’s in the works, it will be neat to see how they implement it.
So, do the team at Cortex a favour and go and buy a copy of Clover their Java test coverage tool. After finding out their an Australian company I feel really bad about recommending jCoverage and providing those patches to make jCoverage more useful. Go and use Clover instead, support Australian businesses.


2 thoughts on “Beta testing FishEye

  1. Of course some of us aren’t lucky enough to have even been accepted to their Beta testing program 😦 Still, their rejection email was very polite.
    Anyways, for a free (as in beer) piece of software that doesn’t look anywhere near as nice or provide anywhere near as much functionality, you might consider statcvs. It’s quite nice, although Fisheye does make it seem a little tired.

  2. Maybe you wanna try statcvs-xml ( This fork is more customizeable and works seamless together with maven.

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