Eclipse M8 is out – Beware there be dragons

For the 3rd or 4th release in a row they’ve changed the way to configure the key bindings, and this is the most sucky version yet. Almost impossible to work out what your keybindings are, and what hierarchy the keybindings follow. What’s a Window ? A Dialog ?
And for the first time since I’ve been downloading the 3.0 milestone builds they’ve completely screwed the emacs key bindings. Normally they’ve been marginally crapulent, and obviously for M6 and M7 they default values were set by somebody who has never used emacs key bindings in their life. M8 however just doesn’t work. No amount of coaxing will allow emacs key bindings to work, presumably short of rebinding the entire default keybinding set to look like the emacs key bindings.
Isn’t there any regression or unit tests for the emacs keybindings ? Sheesh.
Now, on to the next most craptastic part of M8. It completely borks the workspace configuration so that once you’ve upgraded to M8, found that the keybindings are screwed, and you go back to M7, then the workspace defaults are gone. My newly configured JRE (with BouncyCastle included) was gone, my colours and fonts for the Java editor were gone as were a couple of other defaults that I can’t remember off hand. Feh, took me quite a while to get it back. So, remember boys and girls, export all your settings from the preferences dialog before upgrading, or if you want to go back, you are hosed.
So, I give M8 a solid “American Idol’s contribution to world music” on the Sid and Nancy Scale.


7 thoughts on “Eclipse M8 is out – Beware there be dragons

  1. So badly wanted Eclipse features.

    Jesper Kamstrup Linnet (author of the “Call Hierarchy” view accepted for 3.0) has released a
    Multi Project Transfer feature . That was a really missing feature, especially if you are get use to pickup Eclipse nightly builds and have a huge workspace (m

  2. @Lasse: Eclipse 3.0 M8 has an amazing amount of new features (i mean the 3.0 stream in general), e.g. the “Call Hierarchy” View, SSH2 support, Javadoc View, AST View…

  3. I wish I had read this before I installed Eclipse M8. I did not back up my configuration beforehand either. The so-called Emacs binding in M8 does not resemble the Emacs that I know.

  4. I’ve just done the upgrade to M8, from M2, and it’s quite a jump. Thus far, I had a small issue related to not running the correct JVM. After I discovered that the 1.4.0 JVM was in the path it was sorted. My impression: beautiful.
    There is a good deal of chat going down in regards to this:
    My verdict is that, after migrating the workbench across, I’m more than happy. I haven’t run into any foul bugs thus far, and i’d imagine that the problems I had importing projects from the HDD from M2 would be resolved. Interface improvements are a personal thing, but it needs to be done. Things are moving towards a more “shexy” icon set, courtesy of the painted aspect of the Mac X and Win XP icons.
    After changing the icons for my content management system to a new (royalty-free) set, everybody is so much more interested. It’s a sad but true aspect of (web) development that “if it’s sexy, it’s good.”. Implicitly, the reciprical holds in the eye of the client: “if it’s ugly, it sucks.” Who cares if you used the latest whiz-bang resource allocation algorithms? This will get you: “Is it pink when they’ve picked it?”
    FYI, don’t bother to do an in-place upgrade from such a dated version (hey, I thought I’d give it a go…).

  5. The emacs bindings are pretty crappy, but I did manage to get a hacked fix in place. You have to set the bindings at “Windows” or “Windows and Dialogs” level to get them to work. So, if you want ctrl-a to go to the beginning of the line, you can’t just set it up for “when==editing text” you have to set it up for “when==window”.
    It looks like they tried to setup an inheritance structure where the keybindings get overridden in more specific cases, but the overriding doesn’t work.

  6. Just tried to migrate on eclipse M8 after working with IDEA at home.
    I can not setup the most simple thing – switching back and forth in the history of edited/viewed code. Back works and forward does not, for some mysterious reason…
    I’ve joined new team in new workplace and I have set up IDEA in 20 minutes, :D. I make mysterious things with this eclipse for a day or even more. And I am still unable to start the work in Eclipse, I am unable to view my key bindings all at once and I have no way to ensure the things I define are working at all.

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