On the road to recovery

I’ve had my first visit to the surgeon after leaving hospital, and he removed the bandages and this is the results.
This image shows the compass hinge from the front. This allows me to flex and extend my elbow and start my physio early. This image shows the incision from the surgery and the pin sites from behind.
I can now shower without having to put a plastic bag on my arm, and I’ve got a daily regime to keep the pins (or as I like to call them “extreme body piercing”) clean and free from germs.
I’ve also got a ratchet device which fits into the holes in the outer rim of the compass hinge. This device comes with a handle which allows me to turn the ratchet past the current flex and extend points of my muscles. So, basically it’s a version of the medieval rack for specific locations. I expect that I’ll be having not a lot of fun and a lot of pain from that device over the next couple of weeks.


5 thoughts on “On the road to recovery

  1. Wow! Very impressive!
    Hook up a computer to the ratchet, and then give us a web service and we can all have fun with Jon’s arm 🙂

  2. Far out – we’ll have to start calling you Arnie, and maybe you could run for Governator. I think you should take up a more gentle sport, like ice hockey!

  3. Jeez, you don’t muck around do you.
    Didn’t I tell you that this mountain biking thing was dangerous.

  4. Ah yes. After your “incident” I really should have been a bit more circumspect.
    Oh well, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. 😉

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