The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated

I’m now home from the hospital. Well, most of me is. On Saturday 21st I fell off my mountain bike and I’ve spent 10 days in Epworth Hospital getting put back together. I was riding down a slope and didn’t manage to negotiate the bumps too well and ended up falling over the handlebars doing the following:

  • Broke my left shoulder blade
  • Dislocated my right elbow
  • Broke (shattered actually) my radial head
  • Broke the ulna in at least 2 places near the dislocation
  • Minor scrapes and bruises

(There are 2 bones in your forearm, the radius and the ulna, the ulna is the one near your little finger, the radius is near your thumb, the humerus is the upper arm)
I ended up having surgery on Friday after waiting for some parts from Sydney (and the USA) to rebuild my elbow. I’ve now got a chrome cobalt radial head, some titanium screws to hold some other bits and an external framework that is bolted in 4 places into my ulna and my humerus to keep everything stable. In about 6 weeks, the framework will be removed.
During my stay in hospital, I had a constant stream of visitors, and to each and every one of you I send you my deepest, heartfelt thanks. I hope to be more up and about and back at work when the Australian tour of Sri Lanka is over, erm I mean when I’m feeling like I can be useful.
Updated: Here’s an image of my elbow, with the framework rods sticking out from the bandage I’ll lose the bandage in about 10 days and the silver rods that stick out are inserted directly in to my bones, so I’ll post another image then for the ghoulish to view.


10 thoughts on “The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated

  1. *Ouch*
    That’s gotta hurt.
    Of course, if you were a real geek you would have put a web page up within 24 hours (*poke Marty*)
    So, how will this effect metal detectors?

  2. Metal detectors will get me every time from here on. I’ll post pictures of my XRays when I get them from the surgeon.
    I’ve got 4 lots. After injury. When they re-located my elbow. When I had some at the Epworth pre-op and some post-op images.
    The first one is spectacular, I managed to cross my radius and ulna “skull and crossbones” style. The ambulance drivers were impressed as they hadn’t seen anybody do that before !
    I wish I hadn’t been that interesting for them.

  3. Glad you’re ok. However, I’d keep that framework if I was you — cool new frameworks are “in” nowadays 😉

  4. Jon,
    Glad to hear you’ve “got it all back together”.
    I guess this means you’ll have a little more time for the blog over the next few weeks. 🙂

  5. How is the elbow now? I also shattered my elbow crashing my mountain bike and spent 10 days in the hospital and had surgery to get put back together. I have 3 titanium plates and 15 screws holding it in and they won’t be removed. This only happened a month ago so I’m still in the healing process. I was wondering if you have full range of motion, how long did it take to get it back? How long were you on pain killers? Do you notice any difference now compaired to before the accident? Did you go back to riding? Thanks!!!!

  6. I shattered my elbow Dec 15th 2007 in a motorcycle accident, I’ve got a titanium plate with about 8 screws holding it in place. Doc said later in life I can probably have the plate removed if it starts to hurt. I believe that the plate is just holding the shattered bones in place. My question is the accident only happened about a month and a half ago but my ROM (Range of motion) still is at about 70%. Will I be able to retain most of my ROM and is it possible to retain 100% ROM? Any information on this would be great! Thanks. Feel free to email me at

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