The long search for my RSS reader

I’m still looking for an RSS reader. I stayed with FeedReader for a while, but it’s just too buggy, and it’s been too long since it’s been updated that it looks like another OpenSource project destined to live on SourceForge forever. It’s a shame, because it had great promise, and obviously great talent behind it.
I’ve now started using NewsDesk. This is a .NET based interface so you need the .NET runtimes installed on your computer, and yes it’s a Windows only client (not that I care that much about that).
The things I like about it so far ; The configuration and installation was easy, the layout of the feeds is good, and the creation of new feeds is good. It’s a little buggy in adding new feeds, as you can supposedly just drag the XML feed icon to the application and it will install a new feed, but that just doesn’t work, it’s a little enthusiastic with the text that it looks at, and ends up with comments and other junk which prevent it from finding the URL.
I’ll keep trying this one for a while and see where it goes. At least this client has an Export facility to export the feeds so I can share with other people, and upgrade in safety. FeedReader forced me to retype/re-enter all my feeds which was a real pain.


5 thoughts on “The long search for my RSS reader

  1. I’ve been able to share my FeedReader feeds between 3 PC’s.
    I just copy the subscriptions.xml which is in C:\Documents and Settings\$$User$$\Application Data\FeedReader.
    My OS is win xp pro.

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