More TDD wrong headedness

This time from somebody who probably should know better. Hani has decided to unleash a bit of bile at “the TDD crowd” due (in part) to a comment made by Jon Tirsen in a blog entry and so it seems from a less than successful IRC session.
Now while I’m happy for CrazyBob and Hani to do their unit testing however they like, (no really), I’m not pleased that Hani has decided to drag TDD into this. If you’re going to rant, at least do it properly, and make sure your facts are straight to begin with.
Please Hani, retitle this post as “Kill the Unit Testing Weenies” or something similar, as all you do is rant on about testing and how you want to unit test however you like. Go to town, test away. That’s great. Do your Unit Testing after you’ve written your code. That’s excellent. Testing is good, the more people that test their code, the better.
Repeat after me;
TDD is an alternative design process, not an alternative testing process.
I still write integration tests, system tests and user acceptance tests, and my unit tests are probably somewhat more fine grained than yours (not better, just different). However what we do is a different way of designing our system, not a different way of testing.
Now, before you accuse me of “being snooty, getting offended, and angrily tugging at [my] unmentionables”, take a deep breath, and re-read what I’ve said. I don’t care how you develop software, provided what you develop is good. (Actually, if you develop crap and I don’t have to maintain it or use it I don’t care either). For me, developing software using a TDD methodology has meant that my designs conform to many of the OO goodness principles that I blogged previously.
As for the “TDD crowd”, I can’t (nor want to) speak for everybody who falls under this banner, but I like writing software this way, but I’m sure as hell not going to waste my time trying to convince other people that “it’s the one true path”.
I’m too busy trying to get people to understand what TDD is actually about, rather than the many-headed hydra of mistruths, half-lies and misconceptions that is rapidly popping up these days.


4 thoughts on “More TDD wrong headedness

  1. Argh, the whole gist of what I was trying to say was that TDD is NOT unit testing, and is a design process that has nothing to do with unittests!

  2. hmm than why not say that Hani? Instead we get some FUD implying that TDD is wrong not a good way to make a technical debate is it?
    Do not get me wrong, there is very large difference between unit testing and system testing and you actually need both in aproject!

  3. Hani, perhaps it was your intent to say that, but I never would have guessed that from your original article. The original article came across to me as a number of crudely worded attacks on proponents of TDD based on you not liking a particular style of unit testing. Perhaps a second attempt that focused only on TDD, and a separate article for your complaints about unit testing and mocks, would be a better way to communicate the message without confusion.

  4. Extreme Programming Extremism

    Browsing my friends’ blogs, I came across this post on TDD commentary by Jon Eaves. Now, I agree with all the points that Jon raises, but I also sympathise to some extent with Hani’s original post , though less so with the way the frustration is expre

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