XIII – The Game

My beautiful wife really understands how to make her husband happy. For Christmas she gave me a copy of the game XIII by Ubi Soft. It’s based on a comic and has been converted into a first person shooter (like Quake). However, the conversion has retained all the style of the comic, with the whole world being rendered as comic scenes, and with “inset” sequences to show off-screen action from things like grenades, or enemies walking around. Explosions are also rendered with a “BOOOM”. While this may seem like a really campy way to develop a game, it’s just awesome.
The cut scenes are fantastic, the story is great and more importantly the game-play is really good. The story is dragged along by a solid sequence of red-shirts followed by the occasional “boss” monster. The only down-side (for me) is the save-game feature is based on reaching milestones rather than being able to save the game at any time. While some might revel at the need to play a level perfectly to finish it, I’m more interested in continuing on, and on one particular level (involving a submarine in a bay) I fell to my death after dispatching all the bad guys. It was rather annoying to have to go back and kill them all again.
Favourite weapon: Crossbow. Mostly for the really cool headshot scenes that show in 3 frames the death of the enemy. And what’s more the frames are rendered each time differently showing the bolt sticking out of the bad guys head. Woot!
Go and buy it. It’s great.


2 thoughts on “XIII – The Game

  1. Thanks for the pointer! I’d not heard of XIII, downloaded the demo tonight. Awesome game, and doesn’t appear to need the latest and greatest graphics card to run well. Just noticed there’s multiplayer as well, which sounds like a blast…

  2. I agree that this is one of the best games out there at this point. The graphics especially suprised me when I first caught sight of this incredible game. Its also very easy to get used to its controls. I remember the first time I played this game I took a throwing knife and did one of those nifty head shots with the three frame pop up, and after that I just couldn’t stop playing. The fun just went on and on with people falling of cliffs and knocking people out with chairs and bottles. I’m not going to ruin it for anyone but, the end was very suprising to me. My favorite weapon had to be the 3 bolt crossbow because of its accuracy, stealth, and speed. Believe me if your reading this and you haven’t purchaced the game yet, I suggest that you do A.S.A.P

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