Apologies to U2, but this really is the sweetest thing

I’m going to start this blog with a big thanks to all the guys at Myretsu for including me on their beta program for their new project. This project is Majitek. Basically, it’s a software infrastructure for building distributed co-operating systems. Think things like Jini, but with development environments and a runtime container that does all the hard work, allowing developers to build the behaviour, and people to plug the behaviour together. As an example of what can be done, check out this MajikHouse.
Now, back to the cool bit. As part of the program, I ended up with some X10 gear. A control box, some switches for lights, appliances, lamps and a remote control. This stuff rocks, really rocks. I’m a device nerd at heart and to be able to turn off the Christmas tree lights using a remote control or my computer just rocks my world. Now my next plan is to build something like this and try and integrate it with Cthugha.
I need to get out more….