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Now that I’ve entered the world of blogging (<sigh>, another kewl internet term for people with attention spans of goldfish) I’ve found that actually trying to read a blog is a real pain in the butt.

So, I downloaded FeedReader.

There are a whole bunch of hotkeys to do things, but I couldn’t find any documentation so I found a bunch. Here are some highlights :

^M - opens the currently selected item in your web browser
^R - marks everything in the selected feed as read
^H - opens the "Home Page" of the selected feed (*new*)
F3 - opens search box
F5 - updates everything
F7 - create "list view" mode for unread items
F11 - toggles between 3 pane and full screen

It’s an alpha, but it seems to work well apart from a few quirks relating to screen repainting during network operations.


3 thoughts on “RSS Readers

  1. Hi Jon,
    I use FeedReader too and I like it mostly. It seems to forget my proxy settings when I shut it down though which is a bit annoying.
    I also get a little frustrated because I keep forgetting that it is using the IE web engine rather than Mozilla Firebird (which I use as a browser). I’ll often click my roller ball on a link and wonder why I’m seeing a funny radioactive-looking symbol rather than a new tab loading the linked page.
    Another annoyance is that it doesn’t load the linked web page for some bloggers. Amongst the ones that don’t work for me are Mark Pilgim’s diveintomark (, Hani Suleiman’s bileblog ( and any others at jroller.
    The most common thing that I do in FeedReader is open a page in Firebird (when I want to view a page I can’t see or investigate any links from the page). I do this by right clicking on the feed or headline and choosing ‘Go to homepage’ or ‘open in new window’. I’d be interested to know if there is a shortcut to do that.
    I think I’ve found a new shortcut too by the way. It seems that ‘z’ also toggles the full screen option. I just found that out by trying to type ‘Mozilla’. I was typing along happily and then the screen went funny and my Mozilla came out as Moilla. I had to cut and paste the ‘z’ in from a text editor. I’m using version 2.5, build 610 on win2K, I’d be interested to know if you have the same quirk.

  2. Josh,
    I’m using the same version, and yes, ‘z’ does the toggle thingy. I haven’t had the same sorts of problems with the windows because what I’ve found that I do is use Feedreader to do the synch, I use the RHS/bottom pane as a “preview window” and if I want to read the item, I just hit ^M and it opens in Mozilla.
    I’ve configured Feedreader to “Open Links in New Browser” and this works nicely. Also, the little box thingy in the first column of the RHS/top pane will open in a browser window.

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